Personal injury changes: Extended claims portal launched!

31st July 2012 – a second power grid failure in two days left 670 million people without power in India.

On this day in 2006 Fidel Castro handed power, temporarily, to his brother Raul and, in 1990, Bosnia Herzegovina declared independence.

31st July 2013, nothing quite so historic – just the long awaited launch of the extended Claims Portal.

E-mails have been read, courses have been attended and training manuals studied but, can anything really prepare us all for a uniform approach to individual claims by individual people?

Swain & Co Solicitors LLP will embrace these changes and continue to provide a first class service to our Clients’ but, most importantly, we will retain that personal relationship with our Clients no matter how uniform and clinical the procedure for damages claims may become.

We will always take time to learn what is important to our Clients’, how their injuries have affected them and their loved ones and do our utmost to properly build all this into their claims to ensure that they receive the financial compensation they are entitled to.

So, if you have suffered a car accident, an accident at work or an injury as a result of negligence by a public authority today or any other day, our team are here to offer free, no nonsense advice,

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