Health and Safety bogus bans revealed

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revealed that organisations are using bogus health and safety bans to cover up bad service or to avoid being sued.

An expert panel set by the HSE to expose health and safety myths says that such bans were being used to stop legitimate activities.

Such bans have included a ban on bubbles at a child’s party and a restaurant refusing to serve rare burgers.

The HSE say that such bogus bans are overshadowing genuine health and safety issues.

In its first annual report, the HSE’s new panel have found 150 cases of businesses and public bodies using non-existent rules to halt activities which are perfectly safe.

Among them, the panel reported bars that were refusing to fill pint glasses with handles and shredded paper being banned from school fetes.

Another case in Derbyshire saw a restaurant refuse a 42 year old man a toothpick on the grounds of health and safety.

The man told them that as a grown adult, he was happy to take the risk of putting a toothpick in his mouth.

A couple on holiday in a hotel were informed that the housekeeper could not make up a cot bed because it was a health and safety hazard.