“A&E Waiting Time Crisis at the QA Hospital”

If you’ve had an accident in the Havant, Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham areas, and suffered an injury requiring medical treatment, it is automatically assumed that the QA Hospital in Cosham is the right place to go. But in fact, it has now been established that out of 100,000 patients who attend the A&E Dept at the QA Hospital every year, 20% of those patients could be treated more appropriately (and probably quicker) elsewhere.

So where should you go?  If you have suffered life-threatening injuries,  for example severe bleeding or loss of consciousness, you should undoubtedly attend the A&E Dept or call 999.

For less serious injuries, it may be more appropriate to visit your local walk-in centre, such as at St Mary’s in Portsmouth, or in some cases, it may be better to contact your own GP or attend your local pharmacy.

Vicki Wright, Personal Injury solicitor, at Swain & Co said, “Clearly, if you have suffered a serious injury in the Portsmouth area, you should attend the QA Hospital in Cosham. But it is important to sensibly assess the situation and you may well be better advised and probably receive treatment more quickly if you attend another more appropriate NHS provider”