Whiplash Injury Claims

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Whiplash injury is common after a road traffic accident.

Whiplash refers to soft tissue damage to the neck which is caused when the neck is jolted back and forth in a car accident.

Typically, whiplash is described as being a result of rear end car crashes, but it can occur in any car accident, even at low speeds.


Whiplash injury symptoms:

The sudden jolt or movement of the neck can cause muscular, tendon or ligament damage. The injuries may take several hours, or even more to appear and can worsen over time.

Symptoms include:

• Pain, stiffness or loss of movement in your neck
• Headaches
• Distorted vision and dizziness
• Difficulty swallowing
• Spasm of muscles
• Tiredness and/or poor concentration
• Pain in your shoulders, arm or lower back

Whiplash injuries can be debilitating, can required physiotherapy and can result in a loss of earnings if time needs to be taken out of work for recovery.


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