Accidents Involving Children

Accidents involving children can be traumatic for the whole family. Swain & Co’s personal injury team can help get children injured in accidents the compensation they deserve.

Children are more vulnerable than adults, therefore the law seeks to protect them and makes allowances for the fact that they are not as careful as adults.

They can be injured in many accidents, including in road traffic accidents, in public places such as playgrounds, playing sport or at school.

By law, a child under the age of 18 that may not represent his or herself in personal injury compensation claims. Instead a ‘Litigation Friend’, usually a parent or guardian, will be required to act formally on their behalf.

Bringing a claim on behalf of a child can be a long process, particularly if the child was of a young age when the accident occurred.

Our personal injury lawyers will help you and your family bring a claim for the accident involving your child and ensure that your child’s best interests are paramount.

We are experienced and knowledgeable in advising and guiding you and your family through the legal process of bringing a claim for accidents involving children.

No Win No Fee arrangements are available and we offer you a free initial consultation.

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Above information applies to law and procedures in England and Wales only