Factory accident claims

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Working in a factory is still a relatively high risk job and around 10 % of the British workforce work in manufacturing. But, manufacturing jobs accounted for 21% of fatalities and 15% of reported injuries*.

All employers have a duty to protect employees from harm and comply with the necessary statutory requirements and regulations. A failure to do this could result in a worker being injured and a compensation claim being sought against them.


Common causes of factory accidents:

Slip and trip hazards

Requirements include, but are not limited to, making sure factory floors are clear of slippery materials such as grease, which can cause slips at work. Floors also need to be kept clear of obstacles that may cause trips and falls, such as discarded wrapping bands and cables.

Unguarded machinery

Machinery poses a great risk too.

It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure moving parts of machinery are safely guarded.

Factory accidents frequently occur when employees are expected to clear blockages on machinery when it is still in operation or guarding is not in place.

These accidents commonly lead to hand and finger injuries.

Inadequate protective equipment

Employees must be given any equipment needed to minimise the risk of injury in their job role. This can include gloves, safety boots, goggles, reflective clothing, hard hats and/or overalls.


In the factory and warehouse setting, it is also common for fork lift accidents to occur.

Vehicles should be operated in marked areas, at safe speeds and by trained operatives.

Poor Training

Staff should receive the training of how to carry out their role as well as on the company’s health and safety policies.

Factory accidents tend to happen when someone is asked to do a task that either they have not done before or have not done in a long time.


What to do if you are injured in a factory accident at work

Get legal advice.

Swain & Co can advise you of the types of compensation you might be entitled to, however serious your injuries are.

You could be entitled to compensation for:

• Loss of earnings
• Pain and suffering
• Medical expenses
• Retraining for an alternative job
• Long term expenses related to injury
• Disability

We can act on a no win no fee basis and offer a free initial consultation.


Above information applies to law and procedures in England and Wales only
*HSE Statistics