Construction Site Accident Claims

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Fall from height accident article used by Swain & Co - picture used to represent man who has had an accident on a construction site

Constructions sites are notoriously dangerous work places.

The construction industry only accounts for around 5% of employees in Britain yet makes up 22% of fatal injuries at work and 10% of major injuries.

As with all employers, construction site employers have detailed legal responsibilities to ensure their staff and others on site are protected from harm through accidents and injury.

When health and safety is breached or non-existent, serious injury and even death is likely to result so it is vitally important that important steps are taken to minimise the risk of construction and building site accidents.

Your employer must provide you with the necessary training, tools, machinery and safety equipment to carry out your job safely as well as maintain your workplace in a safe condition.

Construction site accidents:

Common construction and building site accidents that we have seen are:

• Falls from scaffolding
• Faulty machinery
• Manual Handling
• Being struck by a falling object
• Electrocution
• Injuries resulting from inaccurate training
• Injuries caused by lorries or trucks
• Failure to provide safety clothing and equipment
• Injury as a result of being exposed to hazardous substances
• Injury from moving parts of machinery

When thinking of construction accidents, some incidents immediately spring to mind, but others may not be so obvious. This includes vibration white finger and industrial deafness.

Health and Safety on a construction site

The Health and Safety Executive is actively involved in preventing construction accidents, but unfortunately many building sites remain dangerous places to work; despite the various pieces of legislation to protect workers, many people are still being injured at work in construction accidents.

If legislation is complied with, essentially construction site accidents should not happen, so when they do there is a strong chance that employers and/or contractors have been at fault.

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