Government plans to cut whiplash injury claims

Ministers have unveiled plans to reduce the number of whiplash injury claims in England and Wales.

Whiplash injury claims are being blamed for rising car insurance premiums.

The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling will launch a consultation to make it easier for insurers to challenge whiplash claims following road traffic accidents.

Independent medical experts could be used to assess the validity of whiplash injury claims.

Under the government’s plans they would aim to ensure that the real cases went ahead, but exaggerated or fraudulent ones were robustly challenged.

The medical panel would be unconnected to the claimant or a claims management company.

There could also be more challenges against whiplash injury claims in small claims court, making it easier for insurers as they would not have to pay successful claimant’s costs.

The government says it is taking action as since 2006 road traffic accident personal injury claims have increased by 60% yet reported accidents have fallen by 20%.

There is also estimated to be 1500 whiplash injury claims made every day in the UK.

Swain & Co.’s personal injury lawyers are all for preventing fraudulent whiplash claims, however, we are concerned that these new plans are favouring what insurers want and have asked the government for.

There are real victims to whiplash injury and road traffic accidents. Insurers have big budgets and legal teams which could intimidate the victim of a road traffic accident.


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