Bride to be killed in car accident because of speeding driver

A speeding driver who killed a 23 year old bride in a car accident to be has been sentenced to prison for 16 months.

Luke Anderson, 23, lost control of his vehicle on a dangerous bend whilst travelling at speeds of up to 81 mph and killed Miss Seeley who was travelling in the opposite direction.

Miss Seeley, who was a midwife on her way home from a shift, was buried in her wedding dress she tried on 3 days before her death. She was due to marry five months after the fatal car accident.

Anderson crossed the middle of the road as he rounded the corner and caused a head on collision with Miss Steeley’s Ford Fiesta, which was sent crashing into a field.

She was declared dead at the scene.

Her heartbroken fiancé placed a wedding ring on her finger before her coffin was closed.

The couple had got engaged in Paris in 2010 and planned to honeymoon in New York and Las Vegas.