Brain Injury: majority of cases are due to road traffic accidents

There are 135,000 people admitted to hospital every year with a brain injury in the UK.

The majority of brain injury admissions come from road traffic accidents and a significant proportion from cycling injuries.

But, the causes of brain injuries can range from falling down the stairs, to a stroke or heart attack which affects the brain’s oxygen supply.

Patients can make a good recovery, but often they do not do so well; it really depends on the type of injury sustained and the support they get.

When the brain is injured it swells like other parts of the body. The difference is that the skull is fixed. There is nowhere for the brain to go so it gets squashed within the skull.

It is essential therefore that rapid diagnosis is required.

More people are surviving brain injury, but the long term consequences can be devastating for the patient and their families.

The part of the brain that controls emotion can be damaged resulting in personality changes in the patient.

Rates of depression and anxiety are high, and often lead to a breakdown in relationships.

There can also be cognitive and memory problems which can make work impossible.

When the brain is injured sometimes the axons, or fibres that send signals between the brain cells, tear and signals travel slower.

Tiredness can also be an issue as the brain has to work harder to do the everyday tasks, plus the part of the brain that controls sleep can also be damaged.

Sometimes the impact of brain injuries are not easily noticed as personality changes may only be visible to the family of the victim.

As personal injury lawyers we often act for clients that have suffered brain injuries as a result of road traffic accidents or cycling accidents that were not their fault.

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