Swain & Co Personal Injury Solicitor, Vicki Wright, supports safety campaign for cyclists.

Swain & Co Personal Injury Solicitor, Vicki Wright, supports safety campaign for cyclists.

This week sees the launch by the AA of a new cycling safety awareness campaign – “Think once, think twice, think bikes” which is aimed at promoting safer roads for cyclists and motorbikes in the hope of reducing the rising number of deaths of cyclists.

Cycling is growing in popularity in the UK which is good news in terms of fitness and environmental benefits.  But it is coming at a price.  Statistics show that in 2012, deaths among cyclists rose by 10% to 118 whilst the total number of people who were killed on the roads fell by 8%.  Worryingly, the number of children killed in cycling accidents more than doubled to 13 and the rate of cyclists who were either killed or seriously injured rose for the fourth consecutive year.

The aim of the new campaign, however, is aimed at cyclists too.  Whilst car drivers are encouraged to fix little yellow stickers on their mirrors as a reminder to check for cyclists whilst driving, cyclists are also urged to be more aware of cars around them. It is understood that the stickers will be available free of charge from all Halfords outlets and from the Police.

Motorists in Portsmouth should take notice of this campaign. Portsmouth is one of the worst places for being injured in bike accidents outside London.  One of the reasons for why Portsmouth has a high rate of bike casualties is probably because there are more cyclists on the roads than in many other cities due largely to the flat landscape and compact surroundings. Over the past few years, Portsmouth City Council have invested a vast amount of money to improve cycle paths in the area an effort to improve safety and to bring down the rate of fatalities and serious injuries.

We should all support this campaign – help reduce cycle fatalities and injuries on our roads.