Swain & Co handle serious Injury Claims

Sustaining a serious or catastrophic injury will have a negative impact on an individual both physically and mentally. This is inevitable with injuries such as a head or spinal cord injury, severe burns, amputations or a brain injury. If you or your loved one suffer from such an injury, it will be life changing.

injury claims

The financial cost to both you and your loved once is also likely to be huge. Your home might need to be adapted and special equipment may be required. Specialist care and support may also be necessary. Sustaining a serious injury can end some people’s working lives.

Prompt action is essential to ensure the gathering of evidence and the documenting of losses and expenses. Also any claim must in the ordinary course be commenced within three years of the date of injury. However there are different time limits that apply to claims on behalf of children and individuals who lack legal capacity to conduct any claims.

We will gather evidence in relation to your case and where applicable, expert opinion e.g. in relation to safety at work issues.

At Swain & Co Solicitors we are committed to ensuring you are covers any compensation you are entitled to. We work on a no win no fee basis. For free advice, please contact Vicki Wright 02392 483322.