Three in hospital following dog attack

Three people have been taken to hospital following a dog attack involving two dogs in Barton, Oxford.

A 30 year old man has been questioned by police following arrest on suspicion of having a dangerous dog that was not under control.

The incident occurred on Saturday 15th December 2012 where one elderly man and two women were bitten by two dogs.

All three were taken to hospital for treatment and one of the women was expected to have to undergo surgery.

Thames Valley Police say they were initially called to a disturbance and when they arrived there were two dog who had come out of a house and bitten three neighbours.

The male victim had a bite to his upper left arm which had removed some flesh and had puncture marks; one woman had puncture wounds to her wrist; whilst the other woman had two bites to her right forearm, one of which had exposed muscles and tendons, and another bite on her upper left leg.

The injuries are serious, but are described as not life threatening.

Dog bites can have serious impacts on victim – there are the physical scars but also the psychological ones.

If you are injured in a dog attack you may be entitled to bring a dog attack claim using a no win no fee arrangement.

Many dog owners have home insurance or pet specific insurance; the claim will be made with that insurance company.

If you have suffered a dog attack in the last three years, or a child has before their 21st birthday, you may be eligible to make a dog bite claim.

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