Post workers to be protected from dog attacks

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Homeowners will soon be responsible for their out of control dogs if they attack people on their property or private land when the legal loophole is closed.

Currently if a person’s dog attacks someone on private land or in their home they can avoid prosecution.

Under proposed changes the police would be given new powers to with dog attacks on private property.

By April 2016 all dog owners must ensure that their dogs are microchipped or face a fine.

Since 2005, eight children and six adults have been killed in dog attacks, many of which occurred in the home.

Thousands of postal workers, nurses, social workers and electricians are injured in dog attacks each year as they go about their work.

Homeowners whose dog atta

cks a burglar will be safeguarded from prosecution, but the Government believes change is needed to protect those who are injured on private lands. It plans to make the changes to the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act ‘as soon as Parliamentary time permits’.

The ban on certain types of breeds will still stand but the Government admits that any dog has the potential to become dangerous and ultimately it is the owners that are responsible for their dogs behaviour and these changes are in a bid to recognise this responsibility.

Dog attacks and incidents are rising

and it is wrong that the police cannot investigate because an attack took place on private land.

The Royal Mail say that 3,000 postal workers were injured in dog attacks in the last year, ending April 2012.

It is also hoped that compulsory microchipping of dogs will help to tackle the 100,000 dogs abandoned on our streets every year.

Dog attacks can leave victims with physical scars and injuries along with deep emotional trauma.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog attack, you may be able to make a dog bite claim.

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