Dangerous Dogs – Compulsory microchipping

The Government has announced plans about compulsory microchipping your dog in a bid to crack down on dangerous dogs.

There has been much news related to dog attacks, dog bites and mauling and the Government has been asked to step up and make owners responsible.

The aim is to make it easier for dogs to be traced back to owners if lost or stolen as well as if they are uncontrollable or hurt someone.

Swain & Co. Solicitors say that whilst the proposal is promising, the importance comes from the detail, which is yet to come.

Ideas suggested that the responsibility to microchip may reside with breeders in transfer of ownership.

The law is also expected to change in regards to workers that are attacked or subject to dog bites whilst on private property.

We back any more to make people safer from the risk of dog attacks and dog bites, however we await the detail of how compulsory microchipping of dogs will work as this will be vital.

We are not certain that compulsory microchipping will address owner responsibility, but may be a step in the right direction.

Injuries from dog attacks and dog bites can leave victims with emotional as well as physical scars.

If you are injured in a dog attack you may be entitled to bring a dog attack claim using a no win no fee arrangement.

Many dog owners have home insurance or pet specific insurance; the claim will be made with against that insurance company.

If you have suffered a dog attack in the last three years, or a child has before their 21st birthday, you may be eligible to make a dog bite claim.

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