23,000 postal workers attacked by dogs in last 5 years

When you go to work, you expect to be able to carry out your daily tasks safely.

However, the Communication Workers’ Union say that in the last 5 years, 23,000 postal workers have been attacked by dogs. As many as 70% of these attacks happen on private property.

The problem is the current law which only covers dog attacks in public places or places where a dog is prohibited to be.

Therefore, prosecutions cannot be brought against the owners who dogs attack the postal worker when the dog attacks on the owner’s property.

There are calls for the law to be extended to include dog attacks on private property to close what Unions representing postal, utility and delivery staff call a ‘major loophole’ in current legislation.

Dog attacks not only cause physical harm, but can cause serious psychological damage to a victim.

Whilst Swain & Co support tougher action for those owners whose dog attacks a person on private property, we also support the calls for more preventative measures to be used to prevent attacks happening in the first place.