Defective Products: a child gets electric shock from fibre optic tree

A two year old boy has had an electric shock from a fibre optic Christmas tree as he was hanging decorations on it.

Billy Allard was flung across the room and needed hospital treatment for burns to his hands and nose when the fake tree gave him a 240 volt shock.

The tree was purchased from Argos, and his family are launching an injury claim against them.

The family say they had tested the tree and left it plugged in but switched off when Billy was decorating it.

Swain & Co.’s injury claim solicitors say that this is a devastating case of a young child becoming seriously hurt from a defective product.

Not only does Billy have physical injuries, he also has psychological ones too as his mother explains that he now is scared for a tree to be up in the house.

Defective products can cause serious harm and can be extremely dangerous.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 says that if a product causes injury, which was not caused by misuse of the product, the injured person has the legal right to make a defective product claim against the manufacturer or retailer responsible.

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