Defective Product Claims: Beko products linked to deaths and damage

Soot covered stove and refrigerator after a house fireKitchen products that were manufactured by Beko are suspected of causing 100 fires, thousands of pounds worth of damage and even deaths.

Beko accounts for nearly 20% of all white goods sold in Britain and now faces allegations of delays and inadequate warnings regarding recalls of defective products.

Eleven people have died in fires or carbon monoxide poisonings blamed on defective ovens and fridge freezers manufactured by Beko.

The products linked to the deaths or fires were not listed on the recall database by the Trading Standards Institute, which the government encourages consumers to check for recall information.

Beko claim that they have used every resource at their disposal, including national advertising campaigns to alert customers to the potential risks. It rejects claims that it did not act quickly and comprehensively.

A Which? Survey of fire services has found that 91 fires and serious incidents were attributed to Beko refrigerator products in 2010 and 2011.

The most recent product recall related to a tumble dryer which has been blamed for 15 fires by customers.

Beko launched a national campaign about the potential risk. However, some customers say they were not contacted for several weeks:

  • Mrs Paterson’s Beko tumble dryer she purchased online last summer caught fire on 1st December 2012, gutting the family garage and caused around £10,000 of damage.

Mrs Paterson says that she received a letter on January 30 warning that there might be a problem with her tumble dryer.

  • Aminda Liddar also received a letter last week that her tumble dryer may be a potential risk. However, Aminda had already found this out four weeks earlier when her tumble dryer caught fire, badly damaging the garage where it was kept.

Beko was warned in November 2008, that there were flaws with some of its gas cookers after three deaths. They launched a national campaign three months later, but by that time, three more people had died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Four others are thought to have died also.

In June 2010, London Fire Brigade warned Beko about a potential fault with one of their fridge freezer models. It failed to alert the public and Santosh Benjamin was killed five months later in a fire which was blamed on the faulty Beko fridge freezer.

Melanie Lidstone Land, expert personal injury lawyers, says, “It is unacceptable that a company the size of Beko has not contacted people sooner with recall concerns. People have had to find out the hard way with much damage to their home, and in some cases, with their life.”

“Beko needs to provide answers as to how these products came to be on the market and why so many are still in people’s homes.”

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 says that if a product causes injury, which was not caused by misuse of that product, the injured person has the legal right to make a defective product claim against the manufacturer or retailer responsible.

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