Sweet Company is prosecuted for accident at work

A Northampton sweet company has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) following an accident at work which resulted in a man suffering crush injuries to his hand.

The 28 year old worker, who does not wish to be named, was working at Tilley’s Sweets in Thrapston in June 2011 when the machine became jammed.

When he put his right hand into machine to remove the jammed sweets his glove became caught and the machine pulled his hand into dangerous moving parts.

The man’s hand was severely damaged. He required several operations to straighten the tendons and had to be off work for four months. He still requires physiotherapy and struggles to use his injured hand.

The HSE investigation found that Tilley’s Sweets failed to protect staff from moving parts of machinery as there was no guarding in place.

Specialist personal injury lawyer Vicki Wright says, “Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen too frequently.  Companies are so keen to increase their profits that they fail to look after their staff properly.  They can’t be bothered to check the machinery or to assess potential risks to the people who are using it. Failure to ensure that a guard had been fitted to this machine is inexcusable. I have little doubt that a successful personal injury claim can be brought against Tilley’s Sweets for the appalling injuries and financial losses this man has suffered”.

picture of vicki wright, personal injury lawyer who has commented on this article

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