Simplicity of guidance for employers puts workers at risk

By Victoria Silsbury

The concern is raised over redrafted Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP) that provide guidance for employers on how to comply with health and safety regulations.

The changes in guidance will begin from October 2013.

The main concern for workers is the ACOP for the Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations.  This is because it provides less detail since the redrafting. This allows for greater interpretation of the guidance from employers so does not provide workers with the reassurance they require.

The Association of Personal injury lawyers believes “that the new ACOP will not provide employers with enough information to fully comply with the regulation and there will be a drop in standard as a result”.  This drop in standard will potentially put workers at risk.

The concerns are well founded in that 52% of respondents to the consultation did not agree with the new proposals.

A close eye will have to be kept on this area over the next couple of months.