Serious injuries at work due to unguarded machine

A man suffered serious injuries at work when his arm became trapped in an unguarded machine.

Attila Czege, a 34 year old Hungarian agency worker, was working for Suffolk firm Indo European Foods Ltd when the accident at work occurred in September 2012.

Ipswich Magistrates’ Court heard that the Mr Czege became trapped and entangled in an unguarded conveyor whilst he worked on a production line involved in bagging rice. His right arm was dragged in and around the large roller at the end of the conveyor. His whole arm was trapped.

Mr Czege suffered fractures to both his upper and lower arm. He had to undergo surgery three times in two weeks to repair the damage he sustained.

He was unable to work for several months due to the injuries he sustained in the accident at work.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation revealed that the conveyor had been in the factory since 2006 but had never had adequate guarding to prevent access to dangerous moving parts of the machine.

Also, the HSE carried out a routine inspection in 2009 and advised the company to install guards on the machine. But, the company failed to act on this advice.

Melanie Lidstone Land, expert personal injury lawyer at Swain & Co says, “The risk presented by unguarded machinery is well documented. This company was also advised by the HSE to put guards in place on the conveyor, but still the company failed to protect its employees.”

According to the HSE, conveyors are involved in 30% of all machinery incidents in the food/drinks industries and 9/10 injuries occur on a flat belt conveyor.

Melanie adds, “It is unacceptable that the company failed to heed the advice given by the HSE, and as a result of their failure to act, Mr Czege sustained a very serious injury that would have caused him a lot of pain.”