Plymouth man loses tips of fingers in accident at work

A maintenance engineer from Plymouth lost the tips of two fingers in an accident at work in a Plymouth factory.

Darren Robins, 41, was working at the Rittal CSM plant in Roborough when his fingers became caught in machinery that he was trying to clean in May 2012.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) brought a prosecution after finding that no risk assessment had been carried out for maintenance procedures and there was no suitable way to isolate the machinery whilst maintenance was carried out.

Mr Robins was clearing paint that was clogging the machine at the factory, which makes metal cabinets for office computer equipment.

He removed the guard of the paint spraying booth to clean the chain. When he had finished cleaning it, he asked another employee to turn the machine on so he could see if the chains were moving freely.

Mr Robins’ fingers got caught in the chain and he lost the ends of his finger which surgeons could not reattach.

Vicki Wright, expert personal injury solicitor at Swain & Co says, “It is essential that there are risk assessments and instructions in place when working with moving machinery, which is a high risk job.”

“Mr Robins’ injuries could have been much worse, but losing the tips of his fingers would be extremely painful for him and he will undoubtedly find even simple tasks harder to perform than he did before.”

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