Firm in court after man suffers multiple injuries in accident at work

A Derbyshire Foundry has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an accident at work saw a man suffer multiple injuries when he was hit by a 1.6 ton steel bar.

Dennis Hibberd, 61 from Dronfield, was working for Padley & Venables Ltd. when a nine metre long steel bar, and the steel barrow it was travelling on, fell on him as it was being pushed from one part of the site to another by a tow truck.

Mr Hibberd broke both his legs, broke his pelvis, crushed his right foot and also damaged his left knee in April 2011. He had to have three operations and stayed in hospital for 10 weeks.

Mr Hibberd has recently returned to work, but on a part time basis at the company.

The HSE investigation found that the steel bar was not secured to the barrow, that the barrow had no brakes and it was being shunted by the truck rather than having a physical connection.

Chesterfield Magistrates were told that the company had moved the steel bars location due to stock issues. This prevented the bars being moved via an overhead crane.

The company designed and made its own barrows to move steel around, but they failed to monitor whether loads were strapped down or if the design of the barrows was sufficiently safe for moving this type of load.

Vicki Wright, expert personal injury solicitor at Swain & Co says, “The Company completed failed Mr Hibberd by not considering the risks associated with this activity. Reasonable precautions could have prevented this accident at work occurring and prevented Mr Hibberd sustaining injuries that will affect his quality of life.”

“Everyone deserves to return home from work safely, and sadly this has not been the case for Mr Hibberd.”

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