Construction site accident leads to life changing injuries for worker

Two construction companies have been prosecuted after a construction site accident sees a worker sustain life changing injuries after falling more than six metres.

The contract worker, Ian Howells, and a colleague were attempting to move a heavy floor grinder on the fifth floor plant room undergoing construction at Edgbaston cricket ground when he stepped onto what he thought was a pile of wood covered by plastic.

It was in fact a polythene covered pallet placed on top of scaffold that was concealing a service void. The pallet snapped and sent Mr Howells crashing to the fourth floor.

Mr Howells suffered a punctured lung, broke every rib on his left side of his body, shattered all the bones in his left hand and fractured his pelvis in three places. He was bedridden for two months and unable to work for a year after the incident in November 2010.

He still suffers considerable pain, walks with a limp and he has not fully regained the use of his left hand.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the constructions companies, Parkstone Group Limited and Galliford Try Construction Limited, could have done more to prevent the construction site accident.

Neither company had assessed the risks or devised a safe system of work for moving the floor grinder properly.

No information had been given to workers on the construction site in relation to the risks posed by covered voids. There were also no signs affixed to the void to highlight the potential danger.

The HSE investigation also found that there was no safe access to the room where work was being undertaken. Workers had to access the fifth floor through the void and them a gap between a scaffold guard rail.

Swain & Co.’s injury claim solicitors say that this construction site accident at work was entirely preventable. The system of work adopted by these firms was both unplanned and unsafe.

As a result, a man has suffered life changing injuries that he will not recover from.

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