Accident at work sees driver lose his fingers

A Dorset based contractor has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an accident at work saw a lorry driver suffer a serious hand injury while using unsafe wheel cleaning equipment on a construction site near Barnet.

The driver lost his entire index finger, half of his middle finger and severed the top of his ring finger of his right hand. The incident occurred at a golf driving range undergoing renovation in 2010.

It was not possible to reattach his fingers and the driver has been left with permanent injuries following the accident at work.

The driver was attempting to use a wheel spinner, this removes mud and debris from vehicles before they access public roads.

However, the equipment on site, which was operated by Poole-based principal contractor Woodland Environmental Ltd, was in poor working order and had been adapted. This forced drivers to adopt an unsafe way of using the equipment.

The HSE investigation found that a rope was used and to help hold the brake lever in position and as the driver attempted to release this it caught and severed his fingers.

The rope was attached to the brake lever for many months and had no place on the equipment. The condition of the wheel spinner was the responsibility of Woodland Environmental, however their management systems for monitoring equipment and procedures proved inadequate.

Swain & Co.’s personal injury solicitors say that those who provide work equipment are responsible to ensure it continues to operate properly and safely.

The failures of Woodland Environmental Ltd. wholly contributed to this entirely avoidable incident which has left a man with life changing and permanent injuries.

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