Accident at work results in man having arm amputated

A Durham firm has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an accident at work resulted in a 61 year old man suffering horrific injuries and having to have his arm amputated.

John Wyatt from Northumberland, fell into dangerous machinery at an asphalt production plant when employed by Tynedale Roadstone Limited.

He had been carrying out an inspection of the conveyor area at the plant in Newcastle, when the incident occurred in June 2009.

Mr Wyatt gained access to the conveyor area to carry out an inspection, but he slipped and fell forward getting caught up in the snub pulley roller and the conveyor belt.

His right arm was severely damaged resulting in it being amputated at the shoulder. He also suffered spinal injuries for which he had to undergo surgery to fuse his spine back together. Plus, he sustained fractures to all his ribs on his right side, broke his left wrist and suffered friction burns to his stomach and severe cuts to his face.

Mr Wyatt was in intensive care for three weeks and remained in hospital for more than three months. He is no longer able to work and still has mobility issues.

The HSE investigation found that although safety gates to the plant had been fitted with locks to restrict access, these had been disabled.

There were also no suitable risk assessments, adequate safe systems of work and a lack of information and instruction for employees.

Vicki Wright, expert personal injury solicitor at Swain & Co, says, “The horrific injuries that Mr Wyatt sustained could have been prevented if his employers had carried out adequate risk assessments of their machinery and had properly supervised their employees.”

“Companies have a legal duty of care to their employees to ensure safety systems are in place and that guards are properly fitted and working effectively at all times.”

“Unguarded or poorly guarded machinery causes many accidents at work. The latest figures revealed that 8 workers were killed and more than 1,000 seriously injured as a result of contact with the dangerous moving parts of machines.”

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