Accident at work leaves man with severe crush injuries

A man from North Wales has suffered severe crush injuries in an accident at work at a Bolton company.

The 61 year old worker, who has asked not to be named, was crushed between two trucks at the DS Smith Paper Ltd.’s recycling plant in February 2010.

He suffered fractured ribs, a fractured right collar bone, a punctured right lung and multiple bruising as he was crushed between his own HGV and another vehicle.

Manchester Crown Court was told that the worker emptied his load of paper and had got out of his truck to close the rear door, using the two buttons located on the side of the vehicle.

As he did so, another truck came into the warehouse through a separate doorway and trapped him between the two vehicles.

At the time of the accident at work there were no barriers in the warehouse to separate vehicles entering through different entrances, and a supervisor was not present to indicate whether or not it was safe for drivers to enter the site.

The resulting Health and Safety Executive investigation found that it was common practice for two vehicles to be the warehouse at one time, which puts the drivers at risk when they leave their trucks.

It also found that DS Smith Paper Ltd failed to enforce its own system for controlling entry to the site as there was no supervisor present.

Since the accident at work, they have introduced new safety procedures whereby only one HGV is allowed into the warehouse at a time and a new safety area has been introduced for pedestrians.

Vicki Wright, specialist personal injury solicitor at Swain & Co says, “The company failed to safely organise vehicles in and out of the warehouse and as a result of their failings a man was seriously injured.”

“The risk of large vehicles and people in one area are well known, yet this company allowed more than one vehicle into the tipping area at a time without safety barriers.”

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