20 year old sustained fractured skull in accident at work

A 20 year old man suffered a fractured skull just weeks after starting work for a roofing company, when he fell through a rooflight in an accident at work.

He was one of four employees who were installing 25 solar panels on the roof of a farm in East Yorkshire. He fell through a rooflight and hit the concrete floor three metres below.

As well as suffering a fractured skull, he suffered temporary partial hearing loss, but has since returned to work after making a good recovery.

The roofing company, Dodds Roofing Services Ltd were prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who found that whilst the firm had provided scaffolding and crawling boards on the outside of the farm building, they had failed to take adequate steps to prevent or mitigate a fall whilst actually working on the roof.

Vicki Wright, expert personal injury solicitor at Swain & Co says, “This young man could have easily sustained more serious injuries. Falls from height are a well-recognised risk of the construction industry.”

“This accident at work could have been avoided if recognised safety measures had been put in place to protect their workers from the risks they faced.”

The latest HSE statistics reveal that 40 workers lost their lives and more than 3,400 were seriously injured in falls from height in 2011/2012.