Fatal accident at work – sole trader prosecuted

A Berkshire haulier has been prosecuted for health and safety failings which lead to a fatal accident at work.

Brian Gutteridge, 67, from Cavensham, had worked for J Mould (Reading) for more than 20 years.

He was crossing the road from the main office to the car park at the end of his working day when a tipper lorry struck him in November 2010. He died on the site as a result of his injuries.

The tipper lorry that struck him has been pulled over at the side of the road whilst the driver chatted to another work, but when he pulled back out it was just as Mr Gutteridge stepped in front of the vehicle to get past.

The resulting Health and Safety investigation found that there were no designated crossing points on the road and no segregation of vehicles and pedestrians or guide on who had the right of way.

It was also found that there were no formal workplace transport risk assessments in place, despite the fact that John Mould, the sole trader, had been advised by an independent health and safety consultant about pedestrian-vehicle interactions at another site in Reading.

Melanie Lidstone Land, personal injury specialist at Swain & Co Solicitors, says, “Mr Gutteridge’s death could have been prevented if proper measures were taken to manage workplace transport.”

“This is a well-recognised risk in the industry, particularly where there are numerous movements of vehicles on site”

“As a result of the firm’s failures, a man has lost his life and a family has been left devastated by their loss.”

Jennifer Gutteridge, Mr Gutteridge’s widow, has been quoted on the HSE website, describing how she has lost her ‘best friend’.

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